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We create cooperative long-term relationships with our clients by exceeding their expectations through our accountability to project schedules, upholding the highest technical standards, and providing impeccable quality and service.

Justin Kylstad | Project Engineer

My responsibilities as Project Engineer begin when the contract for a new project is received. They include reviewing contract scope, providing submittals, ordering material, pricing and tracking changes to the project and anything else necessary to complete the project. I began in the construction industry at the age of 12, following my grandpa around the neighborhood during my summers. In 2000, I started full-time as a carpenter while attending night school at San Diego State University. I have put school on hold to start a family but plan on returning. I am very close to a receiving a BS in Finance. In March of 2005, I interviewed with Wirtz and John’s last words to me during the interview were, "If I hire the guy who doesn’t know a thing about tile; you’re the one." I became a part of the Wirtz Team the beginning of April 2005 and the years following have been a blur. In my off time I enjoy spending time with my wife and two boys. We really enjoy camping all over San Diego and have ventured on a few long road trips. I also enjoy the occasional round of golf.