Maintenance + Refurbishing


Efflorescence is the migration of salts that reside in stone or brick to the surface via moisture such as water, that then evaporates and leaves behind the salts on the surface. Wirtz Maintenance & Refurbishing has developed techniques to remove that salt residue and restore the surface to its original look. With expert staff and equipment specific for this cleaning, Wirtz can effective evaluate the problem and then bring the right solution.

What Our Clients Say

"Over the past 15 years, Wirtz Quality Installations had installed tile, granite counter-tops, hardwood and slate flooring and exterior stone. Their work had been evidence of my complete satisfacton is my recommendation to my son and daughter for the remodel and upgrade of their homes. They have been extremely happy with the work, the price and result."

San Diego, CA.

“The Wirtz Quality Installations team’s quality fabrications, conscientious installers, and over-all attention to detail give them the ability to translate a simple sketch into a superior finished product at a competitive price.”

Swinerton Builders

"In addition to being skilled artisans, the Wirtz Quality Installations crew goes out of their way to make sure you are 110% satisfied. I’m a perfectionist in quality, efficiency and timelines. Two thumbs up!"

San Diego, CA