Our Work

It’s all in the details…

At Wirtz Quality Installations details count. And it pays off every time. For the homeowner who needs the best installation job possible, Wirtz will handle it perfectly. Click on any of the areas that you have an interest in for you. These examples showcase the quality and diversity of the work Wirtz Quality Installations have come to be known for.


Office Buildings

Office buildings have high-traffic areas and constant use. The quality of the finished hard surface installation is the first impression employees and customers make about the company. Wirtz Quality Installations knows this and leaves each job with all the details attended to. Technically they master each situation, having had over 40 years of experience, being at the forefront of new materials and techniques that assure the best quality.


The demand for an entertainment environment at the front of the house, and a hard-working, high-function area at the back of the house require two very different skill sets. One is to add to the dining and entertainment experience and bring to life the architect’s vision; the other is to keep the area safe and clean.


Medical facilities have specific requirements in each area of their buildings. Wirtz Quality Installations has the knowledge and expertise to work in this very demanding environment. Whether it be patient bathrooms, public areas, administrative or clinical, Wirtz knows what materials are best, and how to apply them and can do all this on time and on budget.


Most public areas in hotels are in constant use. The front lobby leaves a first impression that can’t be had again. Guest rooms need to be well maintained, especially the bath area. Wirtz Quality Installations has installed hard surface materials in the most upscale hotels in Southern California. They have also installed in modest hotels. In each case they saw what needed to be done, got the right team involved and delivered well above the customers’ expectations.


Civic projects involve a delicate balance between pricing it just right and having the knowledge to know where the pitfalls will occur. Wirtz Quality installation has the knowledge and the management skills to keep a job running despite the demands of the city, the general contractor, and the architectural firm.


Commercial projects come in many forms, a variety of which are shown here. From a high end athletic club to the renovation of a independent hardware store. Each has a unique story to tell, an owner that needs the very best work from Wirtz Quality Installations, and an outcome that will stand the test of time.


Wirtz Quality Installations has, for more than a generation, given back to the community that has supported them as they have successfully grown their business. These examples are just a few of the ways Wirtz uses their skills and contacts to better the lives of the people in the community.